Oracle products and technologies in the 11g R2 IdM Platform

Identity Governance products:
o Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) is an identity provisioning product. OIM includes
features for self-service password management, access request forms, delegated
administration, approval routing workflows, and entitlement management across any
number of connected systems.
o Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) collects logs from IdM products and other
systems to report on usage, build effective IT roles, and detect account-related audit
issues such as orphaned accounts.
o Oracle Privileged Account Manager (OPAM) secures accounts with elevated
access, such as root accounts on Unix systems and databases, by implementing a
password checkout system.
Access Management products:
o Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is a Web Access Management (WAM) product
that enables SSO across an organization’s web presence.
o Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) enables organizations to apply
stronger, risk-based, and multi-factor access control to an organization’s web
o Oracle Enterprise Gateway (OEG) is a soft-appliance XML gateway for securing
and managing application and web access to an organizations web presence.

o Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) provides standards-based identity federation capabilities for enabling SSO across websites.

o Oracle Security Token Service (OSTS) is a WS-Trust compliant STS implementation. An STS converts security tokens of various types, enabling compatibility and trust across federation boundaries.

o Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) is a fine-grained entitlements service that supports a variety of externalized authorization mechanisms including XACML 3.

0. o Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (OeSSO) is a client-based SSO product that enables users to access web, client-server, and legacy applications though a single, strong authentication “wallet” for authentication.

Directory Services products

o Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) includes both a highly scalable LDAP directory service based on Java and the Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) product. See the section below for more information on OVD.

o Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is a scalable LDAP directory service based on Oracle database technology.

In the 11g R2 release, these technologies are as follows:

Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) enables efficient and elegant integration to data sources.  Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) provides a scalable approach to fine-grained entitlement controls, contextual role enforcement, and run-time policy evaluation.

Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) provide developer access to essential security functions.

Oracle Enterprise Gateway (OEG) enables SOA applications to establish an identity-based control at the edge of enterprise networks. OEG also provides REST-ful interfaces to the identity platform for mobile applications. And when combined with Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) also adds encryption, PKI, and related policy control to web services.

OWSM secures and applies identity to SOA interactions.


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