How to setup SSL on OVL

Follow this procedure to add the SSL certificates required for setting the TLS connection.

  1. Create the LibOVD keystore by running this command.
  2. MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin/ -host WLS_ADMIN_HOST
  3. -port WLS_ADMIN_PORT -userName weblogic
  4. -domainPath WLS_DOMAIN_PATH -createKeystore
  5. -contextName ids

Enter the AdminServer password and the password used for the LibOVD keystore when requested.

  1. Import the OID server certificate into the LibOVD keystore.
  2. keytool -importcert
  3. -keystore DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/ovd/
  4. ids/keystores/adapters.jks
  5. -storepass KEYSTORE_PASSWORD -alias ALIAS_NAME
  6. -file FULL_PATH_TO_CERTFILE -noprompt