How to export MDS data using EM console ?

1) Login to EM console using a web browser connected to http://host:<admin_server_port>/em and “weblogic” user

2) On the left pane, expand “Farm_IAMDomain” -> “Identity and Access” -> “OIM”

3) Right-click on “oim(” and select “System MBean Browser”.

4) Expand “Application Defined MBeans” -> “oracle.mds.lcm” -> “Server: oim_server1” -> “Application=OIMMetadata” -> “MDSAppRuntime”

5) Click on “MDSAppRuntime”, then click on “Operations” tab.

6) Click on “exportMetadata” (the last of the exportMetadata methods, with 9 parameters)

7) Fill “toLocation” with a directory name (for example “/tmp/MDS”)

8) Change “createSubDir” to “True”

9) Click “Invoke”.

On the system, change to the directory you used on step 7, MDS data will be present there.